Amazon Sellers Slapped with Patent Infringement Suit


Kenu, Inc., a seller of mobile phone accessory products, is going after and a group of Amazon’s sellers, over allegations of both patent and trademark infringement.  Kenu says the merchants are peddling products that are knock-offs of its popular proprietary ‘Airframe’ cell phone mounting technology.


Kenu holds several design patents, including D690,707, for the ‘Airframe,’ a device designed to hold a users cell phone for ‘hands free’ calling while the user drives a car.  The ‘Airframe’ device is designed to clip onto car air vents and hold the phone in place.  The company also makes cell phone stands to hold mobile devices on flat surfaces.


Kenu says that the vendors are selling devices that not only copy the exact design of the ‘Airframe’ technology covered by the design patent, but that the retailers are also copying the Kenu packaging design, and infringing on the Kenu trademark by printing or stamping the Kenu name and design onto the knock-off devices.


The complaint alleges violations of California business code, patent infringement, contributory patent infringement (against Amazon), and trademark infringement.


According to the complaint, “Kenu has lost customers and revenues due to the illegal and infringing products being put in the stream of commerce by the defendants.  Despite Kenu’s attempts to resolve this matter amicably and without litigation, Kenu has been required to bring suit for damages and injunctive relief.”


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