Jew & Associates can assist authors, photographers, artists, designers, and software developers in protecting the copyrights in their works. Each type of work is different and we can customize copyright protection to best suit each client’s needs.

Federal Copyright Registration

We assist creative professionals in registering and depositing their works with the United States Copyright Office. Our services include preparing filings and completion of registration forms, and representing clients on responding to the office actions from the Copyright Office.

Copyright Infringement and Non-Infringement Actions

Jew & Associates also assists clients who hold copyrighted materials in protecting their works from infringers through written opinion letters. We can also assist you if you have received a cease and desist letter alleging copyright infringement. We will help you evaluate the circumstances, review the uses, assess your uses in relation to the copyrighted materials, and provide you with guidance on next steps, as well as a formal written opinion.

Copyright Litigation

Whether you have third parties who are misusing your copyrighted materials, or you have been accused by others of copyright infringement, Jew & Associates can help you protect your intellectual property rights in court. Our attorneys are experienced in intellectual property litigation, and will help you assert your copyrights or defend your company from infringement claims against it.

We can also assist with the following additional copyright services:

  • Copyright Management and Monitoring;
  • Copyright Licensing;
  • Work for Hire Agreements;
  • Employer/Employee Copyright Assignments.